Money Flow Challenge is a game targeted to 15-20 year olds and it brings a completely new and fun way to learn the most important areas of personal financial management. During the play of the game’s five levels, players learn how to balance income and expenses, why it is important to have a buffer fund for unexpected expenses, what investments are, and how loans can be used in order to purchase expensive items like a house.


There is a different challenge on each level that a player tries to help the character to solve. Player get to know the character’s financial situation and they are instructed as to how they should try to help the character. There are also many unexpected events that mirror real life situations that players have to try to react to in the best possible way.




The Money Flow Challenge concept for schools includes the web service where players can check how their scores compare to other players. The scoreboard updates results in real time so school classes can have fun by seeing how far each player has gotten and who has received the best scores. There is also an analytics tool available that helps teachers and students to see what areas of personal financial management need work each level in order to get better results in the game.    


Money Flow Challenge won the Best Applied Game award at the Finnish Game Awards 2016 Gala. It has also been invited to the program that promotes the best learning innovations globally. Money Flow Challenge is currently available only in Finnish, but it is easy to localize into different languages. Currently, we are working on Money Flow Challenge international expansion. If you are interested in hearing more about our plans, please contact us. 


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