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Planago – Turning personal finance into lifelong game


Multiple opportunities for investors and partners


Planago Personal Finance Platform makes it easy to create financial planning, financial education and financial gaming solutions that help you reach young people in a fun way.


Real life financial simulation and calculations offered by Planago make it easy also to develop completely new service concepts that mirror real life situations. 


Planago English demo


Money Flow Challenge



Planago Planning

  • Personal financial planning and simulation tool


  • Connects financial service providers with customers early in the purchasing cycle


  • Easy to customize and integrate with other web services


Planago Games
  • Our Money Flow Challenge was voted the best applied game in Finland in 2016


  •  Players are wealth consultants that help people to improve their financial situation


  • Financial planning complexity is hidden behind themes that are fun and interesting for players


Planago Education 
  • Complete package for learning personal financial planning


  • Includes Money Flow Challenge game, scoreboard, eBook and teachers analytics tool


  • Approved and supported by the Finnish National Board of Education 


  • Part of the Finnish high school curriculum in 2016 


  • Selected to HundED program featuring the best education related innovations in Finland

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 Mikko Tavi, COO,

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15 years of experience in working with internet and mobile services

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